MobileTogether App Services

Yes, we will even build your app!

Do you have a need for a data-driven app but don’t know where to start?

We would love to help!

How Does it Work?

1. Submit the general idea for the app using the form below. Please read the guidelines on the form about what information to submit carefully.

2. We will review your submission and determine if there is an existing community interest in such an app or enterprise solution. *

3. If so, our engineers will build a solution using MobileTogether Designer.

4. During the development phase, our engineers will engage with you in a dialog about the app, and may request additional information, sample data, or other input from you. They will also very likely send you early prototypes of the app and ask you for your feedback. Your active and timely participation during this development phase is essential.

5. Once we are done, we will publish the app design file (.MTD) in our free app marketplace, so that you and other members of the community can also download it for royalty-free use.

6. You can use the free MobileTogether Designer to customize the app, continue further development on it, and configure it to specifically work with your databases or IT infrastructure.

7. You can test the app in the built-in simulator in MobileTogether Designer, and even deploy it to end-users using a free, 30-day trial of MobileTogether Server.

End users will be able to access your app using the free MobileTogether apps for iOS, Android, and Windows on mobile and/or desktop devices. They simply download the free MobileTogether app from their preferred app store and use it to connect to your MobileTogether Server. The MobileTogether design also generates a web app that users can access in a web browser, if desired.

If you wish to offer a custom app in the various app stores, you may use MobileTogether Designer to automatically generate code bases for native iOS, Android, and Windows apps.


*The decision to accept your project is at Altova’s sole discretion.

How Much Does it Cost?

We will build your app for free!

Once your 30-day MobileTogether Server trial has expired, you will need to purchase MobileTogether Server if you wish to continue using the app. The Server is affordably priced, starting at $1000 per year for unlimited users.

The only thing we ask in return for building your app is for your help in spreading the word about MobileTogether. You should be willing to provide us with a quote to use on our web site about how MobileTogether worked for you.

How Do We Get Started?

As a first step, please submit your request by completing and emailing us this form.

MobileTogether App Services Submission Form