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Running a Macro

To run a macro, you need to first bind the macro to an Authentic event. The macro will run when that Authentic event is triggered. For example, say you wish to run a macro before editing text in Authentic. You must go about this as follows:


1.In Design View, select the editable content for which the macro is to be set.
2.In the Properties sidebar (screenshot below), select the Authentic group of properties of the relevant design component.




3.Select the Authentic event that will trigger the macro and open the dropdown list of this event's Value combo box. All the macros defined in the Scripting Project of the SPS will be listed. Select the macro you wish to associate with this function.
4.In Authentic View, when any Authentic event that has a macro assigned to it is triggered, then the macro will be executed.


See the section, Authentic Scripting >> Macros, for a detailed description of how to use macros in a StyleVision design document.

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