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Creating a New Form

Creating a new Form in the Scripting Editor involves the following steps:


1.Creating a new Form and naming it
2.Specifying the properties of the Form



Creating a new Form and naming it

To add a new Form to a scripting project, click the Add Form icon (highlighted in screenshot below) in the toolbar of the Project Overview pane. Enter the name of the new Form.




A new Form is added to the project. It appears in the Main Window and an entry for it is created in the Scripting Project Tree pane, under the Forms heading. Press the F2 function key to rename the form, or right click the form name and select Rename from the context menu. In the screenshot below, we have named the new Form Registration.





Form properties

The properties of the Form, such as its size, background color, and font properties, can be set in the Properties pane. The screenshot below shows the size and background-color property values in bold, in the Layout and Appearance categories, respectively.





Testing a Form

You can test a form in the Scripting Editor by right-clicking it in the Project Overview pane and selecting the Test Form Command. The Form itself will load with all the Form objects present. However, note that code associated with various form controls will not be executed. To test the code you will have to run a macro containing the form, outside the Scripting Editor.


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