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Event: OnUserAddedXMLNode (XML node)


Description: OnUserAddedXMLNode will be fired when the user adds an XML node as a primary action. This happens in the situations, where the user clicks on


auto-add hyperlinks (see example OnUserAddedXMLNode.sps)
the Insert…, Insert After…, Insert Before… context menu items
Append row, Insert row toolbar buttons
Insert After…, Insert Before… actions in element entry helper (outside StyleVision)


The event doesn’t get fired on Duplicate row, or when the node was added externally (e.g. via COM API), or on Apply (e.g. Text State Icons), or when in XML table operations or in DB operations.


The event parameter is the XML node object, which was added giving the user an opportunity to manipulate the XML node added. An elaborate example for an event handler can be found in the OnUserAddedXMLNode.sps file.


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