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On execution, the licenseserver command registers MapForce Server with the LicenseServer specified by the Server-Or-IP-Address argument. For the licenseserver command to be executed successfully, the two servers must be connected on the network and LicenseServer must be running. You must have administrator privileges to be able to register MapForce Server with LicenseServer.


Once MapForce Server has been successfully registered with LicenseServer, you will receive a message to this effect. The message will also display the URL of the LicenseServer. You can now go to LicenseServer to assign MapForce Server a license. For details about licensing, see the LicenseServer documentation (




mapforceserver licenseserver [options] Server-Or-IP-Address


Click to expand/collapseコマンドライン上の文字種とスラッシュ

Windows上での MapForceServer

Unix (Linux、 Mac) 上での mapforceserver


* 小文字は (mapforceserver) 全てのプラットフォーム(Windows、Linux、 および Mac)で使用することができますが、大文字と小文字 (MapForceServer) は、 Windows および Mac のみでしか使用できません。

* Linux と Mac 上ではスラッシュを使用し、Windows 上では、バックスラッシュを使用してください。






Identifies the machine on the network on which Altova LicenseServer is installed and running. It can be the machine's name or its IP address.





--h, --help

Displays information about the command

-- j, --json

Values are true|false. Prints the result of the registration attempt as a machine-parsable JSON object.


Options are listed in their short forms (if available) and long forms. You can use one or two dashes for both short and long forms. An option that takes a value is written like this: --option=value.



Examples of the licenseserver command:


mapforceserver licenseserver

mapforceserver licenseserver localhost

mapforceserver licenseserver


The commands above specify, respectively, the machine named, and the user's machine (localhost and as the machine running Altova LicenseServer. In each case, the command registers MapForce Server with the LicenseServer on the machine specified.

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