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Method: InsertXMLSchemaWithSample (i_strSchemaFileName as String, i_strXMLSampleName as String, i_strRootElement as String)




MapForceView.InsertXMLSchemaWithSample is obsolete. Use Mapping.InsertXMLFile instead. Notice, Mapping.InsertXMLFile does not require a parameter for passing the root element. The root element is automatically set as the xml file's root element name.


Adds a new component to the mapping.


The component's internal structure is determined by the specified schema file.


The second parameter is stored as the XML input sample for mapping evaluation.


The third parameter defines the root element of this schema if there is more than one candidate.

When passing an empty string as root element, the root element of the xml sample file will be used.




The application object is no longer valid.


Invalid address for the return parameter was specified.


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