Object Reference

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Object Reference

This section provides reference to the objects of the MapForce COM API. The objects are described in a generic manner, since the API may be used with virtually any language that supports calling a COM object. For language-specific examples, see Examples.


In Java, some syntax variations to the object names exist, as follows:


Classes and class names

For every interface of the MapForce automation interface, a Java class exists with the name of the interface.


Method names

Method names on the Java interface are the same as used on the COM interfaces, but start with a small letter to conform to Java naming conventions. To access COM properties, Java methods that prefix the property name with get and set can be used. If a property does not support write-access, no setter method is available. Example: For the Name property of the Document interface, the Java methods getName and setName are available.



For every enumeration defined in the automation interface, a Java enumeration is defined with the same name and values.


Events and event handlers

For every interface in the automation interface that supports events, a Java interface with the same name plus 'Event' is available. To simplify the overloading of single events, a Java class with default implementations for all events is provided. The name of this Java class is the name of the event interface plus 'DefaultHandler'. For example:

Application: Java class to access the application

ApplicationEvents: Events interface for the Application

ApplicationEventsDefaultHandler: Default handler for ApplicationEvents

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