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Method: GetRootDatapoint( side as ENUMComponentDatapointSide, strNamespace as String, strLocalName as String, strParameterName as String ) as Datapoint



Gets a root datapoint on the left (input) or right (output) side of a component. To access children and descendants, the Datapoint object provides further methods.


The side parameter indicates if an input, or output, datapoint of a component is to be retrieved.


The specified namespace and local name, indicate the specific name of the node whose datapoint is to be retrieved. For components with structural information such as schema components, you will have to provide the namespace together with the local name, or you can just pass an empty string for the namespace.


File-based components like the schema component contain a special node on their root, the filename node. There, GetRootDatapoint can only find the filename node. You will have to pass namespace "" and local name "FileInstance" to retrieve a datapoint of this node.


The specified parameter name should be an empty string unless the component in question is a function call component . Since a user-defined function might contain input or output parameters of the same structure, the function call component calling this user-defined function can have more than one root node with an identical namespace and local name.


They will then differ only by their parameter names, which are in fact the names of the according parameter components in the user-defined function mapping itself.


It is not mandatory to specify the parameter name, though. In that case, the method will return the first root datapoint matching the specified namespace and local name.




The object is no longer valid.


Invalid address for the return parameter was specified.


Datapoint not found.


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