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Generating C++ code

You can generate C++ code for Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2017. The generated code includes .sln and .vcproj files for Visual Studio. Note the following when generating code:


You can generate code either from a single mapping design (.mfd), or from a mapping project (.mfp). If you generate code from a single mapping, the resulting application executes the respective mapping transformation. If you generate code from a MapForce project (.mfp) which includes multiple mappings, the resulting application executes in bulk all mappings included in the project.
You can change the general code generation options from the Tools | Options menu, Generation tab.
You can change the name of the generated mapping application and other settings from the File | Mapping settings menu. The default application name is Mapping.
If your mapping contains database components, you can view database specific settings by clicking a database component, and then selecting the menu option Component | Properties.


A typical C++ solution generated by MapForce includes the following:


Several Altova-signed libraries required by the mapping (all prefixed with Altova).
The main mapping project (in this example, Mapping), which includes the mapping application and dependent files.


Sample C++ solution generated with MapForce

This section includes the following topics:


Generating code from a mapping
Generating code from a mapping project
Building the project
Running the application

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