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Code Generator

Code Generator is a MapForce built-in feature which enables you to generate Java, C++ or C# code from mapping files designed with MapForce. You can generate code not only from simple mappings with a single data source and target, but also from mappings with multiple sources and multiple targets. The result is a fully-featured and complete application which performs the mapping operation for you. Once you generate the code, you can execute the mapping by running the application directly as generated. You can also import the generated code into your own application, or extend it with your own functionality.


If your mapping uses XML schemas or DTDs, you can also optionally generate schema wrapper libraries (see Generating Code from XML Schemas or DTDs ). The schema wrapper libraries enable you to work with XML data in an abstract way, without too much concern for the underlying XML Application Program Interface (API), such as MSXML, Apache Xerces, Microsoft System.Xml, or Java Application for XML Processing (JAXP).

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