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What's new ...

Version 2018


Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, 2015, 2017
End of support for Visual Studio 2005 and Xerces 2.x


Version 2014


Removal of compatibility mode option for code generation


Version 2011


Contains bug fixes and enhancements


Version 2010 R3


Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Support for MSXML 6.0 in generated C++ code
Support for 64-bit targets for C++ and C# projects


Version 2010


Enumeration facets from XML schemas are now available as symbolic constants in the generated classes (using 2007r3 templates)


Version 2009 sp1


Apache Xerces version 3.x support added (older versions starting from Xerces 2.6.x are still supported)


Version 2009


The generated mapping implementation was redesigned to support sequences and grouping. The API has not changed


Version 2008 R2


Support for generation of Visual Studio 2008 project files for C# and C++ has been added
Generated MapForce mapping code in C# and Java can use readers/writers, streams, strings or DOM documents as sources and targets


Version 2008


The new 2007 R3-style SPL templates have been further enhanced:
oIt is now possible to remove single elements
oAccess to schema metadata (e.g. element names, facets, enumerations, occurrence, etc.) is provided
oComplex types derived by extension are now generated as derived classes


Version 2007 R3


Code Generator has been redesigned for version 2007 release 3 to simplify usage of the generated code, reduce code volume and increase performance.


Handling of XML documents and nodes with explicit ownership, to avoid memory leaks and to enable multi-threading
New syntax to avoid name collisions
New data types for simpler usage and higher performance (native types where possible, new null handling, ...)
Attributes are no longer generated as collections
Simple element content is now also treated like a special attribute, for consistency
New internal object model (important for customized SPL templates)
Compatibility mode to generate code in the style of older releases
Type wrapper classes are now only generated on demand for smaller code

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