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verifylicense (Windows only)

Checks whether the current product is licensed. Additionally, the --license-key option enables you to check whether a specific license key is already assigned to the product. This command is supported only on Windows systems. It is not supported on Linux or Mac systems. For details about licensing, see the LicenseServer documentation (




DiffDogServer verifylicense [options]



--l, license-key

The license key to check: whether it has been assigned to the product


Options are listed in their short forms (if available) and long forms. You can use one or two dashes for both short and long forms. An option that takes a value is written like this: --option=value.



Examples of the verifylicense command:


diffdogserver verifylicense

diffdogserver verifylicense --license-key=ABCDEFG-HIJKLMN-OPQRSTU-VWXYZ12-3456789


The commands above check, respectively, whether the product has been licensed, and whether the product has been licensed with the license key given as the value of the --license-key option.



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