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Defining and Modifying Default Constraints

The table design in デザインエディター ウィンドウ provides an option in コンテキストメニュー to define a standard value for a column. This command inserts the Default field into the column properties where you can then enter the actual standard value for the column.



To define a デフォルトの値 for a column:

1.デザインエディター ウィンドウ内で、 right-click the column for which you want to define a デフォルトの値 and select Create Default Constraint をコンテキストメニューから選択します。 In the column properties, the Default field is added to the General section and to the table design.


または、right-click the header of the Columns section in the table design and activate the デフォルトの値 column. Double-click that column in the row of the column for which you want to define a default constraint.


2.Enter the デフォルトの値 into the Default field (either in プロパティウィンドウ or directly in the table design).


As always when making changes to the database structure, a change script is generated which must be executed in order to actually create the default constraint in the database.


Viewing default constraints

After you have executed the change script and unless a constraint with a higher priority has already been defined for that particular column, the default ic_default-value-column アイコン is displayed to the left of the 列名 in the Columns folder of the オンラインブラウザー and when you show the table in デザインエディター ウィンドウ.


オンラインブラウザー内で、 the name of the default constraint, which is composed of the 列名 plus the "Default_" prefix, shows up in the Constraints sub-folder of the 個々の column and is marked with the default constraint ic_default-constraint アイコン.


The actual value of the default constraint, that is the デフォルトの値 that will be inserted into the column if a new row is added to the table, can be viewed in プロパティウィンドウ of the 個々の column when displayed in デザインエディター ウィンドウ.


Modifying default constraints

You can delete a default constraint or change its デフォルトの値. Note that the default constraint is always deleted first and then recreated with the new value. The 個々の SQL statement is generated automatically in the データベース構造変更スクリプト window if you change the デフォルトの値 in デザインエディター ウィンドウ or in プロパティウィンドウ.




To change the デフォルトの値 of a column:

1.オンラインブラウザー内で、 select the column and make sure that its properties are being displayed. または、display the デフォルトの値 field in the table design.
2.Edit the デフォルトの値 in the Default field of the General section, or in the appropriate row of the デフォルトの値 column in the table design, 個々のly.



To delete a default constraint:

1.オンラインブラウザー内で、 select the column and expand its Constraints sub-folder.
2.Right-click the default constraint and select Delete をコンテキストメニューから選択、または、select the constraint and press Del.

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