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Printing Results

Data cells that you select in the result grid can be printed via the メニューコマンド 「ファイル | Print Preview. This opens the selected cells in a separate pane, where you can zoom into or out of the grid and send the data to the printer. または、you can also use the 「ファイル | 印刷...」 command, which opens the Print ダイアログボックス with the Selection option preselected in the Print range グループボックス. Note that in the latter case no preview or zooming options are available.


The example above shows the result of a retrieval of an employees table. You can select particular names in this result (e.g., all the managers) and print only their names and positions (下のスクリーンショットを参照してください)。 Only selected rows and columns will be printed.


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