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Viewing Results

When an SQL エディターウィンドウ includes more than one statement, the results of a query are by default displayed in separate result tabs with consecutive numbers: Result1, Result2, etc. To change this default display mode, you can activate the Show multiple results stacked ic_result-tabs ボタン in the SQL エディター ツールバー. When executing a script containing more than one query, only one result tab is displayed, and the results of the individual queries are displayed in separate panes of that tab. Note that you can change the display mode also after the query has been executed.



To display multiple queries in one result tab:

1.SQL エディターツールバー内で、Show multiple results stacked ic_result-tabs ボタンを有効化します。
2.「実行」 dbs_ic_execute_script ボタンをクリック、または、「F5」を押します。


Only one result tab has been created. It consists of two panes however, each containing the result of the individual queries.


Viewing statistical data

ステータスバー of the 結果ウィンドウ can display statistical information about any cells selected in the result grid, which includes:


Number of selected cells (in ステータスバー, this statistic is shown as Count)
Number of selected cells that have a numerical データ型 (Numeric count)
The average value of all selected numeric cells (Average)
The minimum and maximum value of all selected numeric cells (Min and Max)
The sum of all selected numeric cells (Sum)
The データ型 of a cell.


結果ウィンドウ内で、To view statistical information  select one or more cells in the result grid. The values for the activated statistical fields are displayed in ステータスバー.


Not all statistics are enabled by default. To enable or disable a particular statistic, right-click ステータスバー and select the corresponding option をコンテキストメニューから選択します。


Note that the Count option displays the number of all selected cells, while the Numerical Count omits cells that do not have a numerical データ型. Naturally, the Average, Min, Max, and Sum values are based on the numerical count.


When a single cell is selected, its データ型 is additionally displayed in ステータスバー.


Preserving results

If you want to keep a particular result, you can pin the corresponding tab in the 結果ウィンドウ. DatabaseSpy offers a ツールバー ボタン ic_pin-down as well as several options in コンテキストメニュー that opens when you right-click a tab in the 結果ウィンドウ for this purpose. When the ボタン is toggled on, the Result tab remains visible even if different queries are executed and new Result tabs are generated. Pinned result tabs show a different アイコン.


Note that pinned results show a different アイコン in the tab. When viewing pinned results, please bear in mind that the SQL statement displayed in the SQL エディターウィンドウ above the Result tab might have been changed since the query has originally been executed and that re-executing the query may display a different result.



To pin a result tab:

1.実行 a query and display its results in the 結果ウィンドウ.
2.結果ウィンドウ内で、 次のいずれかを実行してください:
To pin an individual result, click the Keep result visible ic_pin-down ボタン in the ツールバー of the 個々の 結果ウィンドウ or right-click the tab and select Keep result visible をコンテキストメニューから選択します。
結果ウィンドウ内で、To pin all results that are currently displayed  right-click any result tab and select Keep all results visible をコンテキストメニューから選択します。


Any pinned tab is kept in the 結果ウィンドウ even if new queries are executed, and new Result tabs are generated.



To release a pinned result tab:


To unpin a result, click the Keep result visible アイコン again, or right-click a pinned result tab and choose Remove permanent visibility for result をコンテキストメニューから選択します。
結果ウィンドウ内で、To unpin all results  right-click any result tab and select Remove permanent visibility for all results をコンテキストメニューから選択します。

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