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Generating Complete DDL Scripts

DatabaseSpy enables you to generate DDL (Data Definition Language) statements for all objects of a database or schema, as one SQL script. Generating the complete DDL scripts of a database or schema may be useful, 例えば、 if you want to re-create the structure of that schema or database on another server or environment, or if you want to back up the current database structure, or if you want to create a text snapshot of the current database structure for comparing it later to another snapshot.



To generate complete DDL scripts from a schema or database:

1.オンラインブラウザー内で、 identify the folder that is the immediate parent of all "Tables", "Views", "ストアドプロシージャ", etc folders of the current database or schema. 例えば、 if you want to generate the complete DDL scripts of the "dbo" schema in the ZooDB tutorial database, this folder is "dbo". For more information about creating the tutorial ZooDB database, see 「チュートリアルデータベースの作成」.


If the current database kind supports multiple schemas (like the ZooDB database above), it is possible to generate DDL scripts for multiple schemas in one operation (each schema in a separate file). To select multiple schemas, click the required schemas while holding the Shift key pressed.


Note that, in this example, the immediate parent of all tables, views, procedures etc is a schema. However, it may be ルート データベースオブジェクト (and thus have a different appearance) in other database kinds (since the structure displayed in the オンラインブラウザー depends on the kind of the currently connected database).


2.Right-click the folder identified in step 1 ("dbo", in this example), and select the command 「新規の SQL エディターで表示 | Complete DDL Script をコンテキストメニューから選択します。


When you run the Complete DDL Script command, DatabaseSpy analyzes all データベースオブジェクトs (tables, views, ストアドプロシージャ, and so on), and then generates their corresponding DDL statements in a new SQL エディターウィンドウ. If multiple schemas were selected, the corresponding DDL scripts will be in a new SQL エディターウィンドウ. While DDL statements are being generated, you are informed of the progress in the Output window as well as through a ダイアログボックス from where you can also cancel the operation.


Once DDL statement generation is complete, you can save the script to a file (次を参照: SQL ファイルを開く、保存する、および、閉じる).

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