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Chart Overlays

For some chart types (Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart, Stacked Area Chart, and Candlestick Chart), you can display several charts as overlays in one Charts window. This way you can combine charts of different type containing data even from different databases in one Charts window.


A separate Y axis will be displayed for each overlay chart and can be labeled. Note that an overlay will always be displayed in front of the existing chart(s), you should, therefore be careful if you combine different chart types in one Charts window as, 例えば、 area charts displayed as overlay may hide bar or line charts. デフォルトでは、 subsequent colors from the color schema of the Main chart will be used for the overlay. You can, however, also deactivate the Use subsequent colors from previous chart layer ラジオボタン in any layer and define a different color schema for this particular layer. Note that this color schema will be used for subsequent layers if these have the Use subsequent colors from previous chart layer ラジオボタン activated.


Chart overlays are managed by clicking the Overlays ボタン in the メニューバー of the Charts window; this will open the Overlays menu where you can add and remove overlays and select the active chart. Note that any changes you make to chart type and/or appearance, and in the Select data ダイアログボックス apply only to the active chart! Tip: You can use targets for the SQL statements that retrieve the source data of the charts; this way it is easier to identify the various layers in the Overlays menu (see screenshot below).



To create a chart overlay:

1.Create a chart (the Main Chart).
2.Charts ウィンドウ内で、 click the Overlays ボタン and choose Append from the drop-down メニュー。


Create a new chart from the existing 結果ウィンドウ.
Create a new query in an SQL エディターウィンドウ または、オンラインブラウザーから and click the Show data in Chart window ic_show-chart ボタンをクリックします。


The new chart is displayed as overlay of the existing chart(s) in the same Charts window.


4.Change Type ダイアログボックス内で、 which appears automatically for the first overlay of each tab in the Charts window, define the type of the overlay chart.
5.任意で、 change the appearance of the overlay chart.



To remove a chart overlay:

1.Charts ウィンドウ内で、 click the Overlays ボタン and, in the drop-down menu, select the chart that you want to remove.
2.Select Delete Current from the Overlays メニュー。


Changing the chart type of the Main chart

When you have selected the Main chart as the active chart, you can change the chart type also to types that do not support overlays (i.e., pie charts and gauge charts as well all types of 3d charts). In such a situation all overlays will be removed from the Charts window and DatabaseSpy displays a warning message.


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