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The Colors section enables you to customize the background colors used in the Table View of Grid View. In the screenshot below, the colors have been changed from the default colors by clicking the palette icon next to each item and then selecting the preferred color.



Table View

The Header unselected and Header selected options refer to the column and row headers. The screenshot below shows headers unselected; its color is as set in the dialog above.



The Header Selected color is activated when all headers are selected (screenshot below)—not when individual headers are selected. The screenshot below shows this using the colors defined in the dialog shown above. All headers can be selected by clicking the cell that intersects both headers or by selecting the element created as the table—or any of its ancestors.




Non-existent Elements

When an element or attribute does not exist in the XML document, then it can be given different background colors when selected and unselected. This is shown in the screenshot  below, in which the first row is selected.


Note:In addition to the colors you define here, XMLSpy uses the regular selection and menu color preferences set in the Display Settings in the Control Panel of your Windows installation.


Save and exit

After making the settings, click OK to finish.


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