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Altova SchemaAgent 2020

The Log window shows client requests, server responses, and other server-related data. This data is presented as a description, together with the time of execution (in the case of actions) or the time of data transfer (in the case of notifications). When the information involves a client, the client is listed together with its IP address.


The following symbols are used in the Log window:


ic_requestRequests from the client (blue, right-pointing arrow)


ic_responseResponses from the server (green, left-pointing arrow)


ic_infoInformation regarding connection or disconnection of a client


The source client (of requests) and target client (for responses) are indicated in the Source/Target column. The Parameters/Description column shows the kind of action, while the Time column gives the time of the action.


Each time a search path is modified in SchemaAgent Server (for example, if the Recursive option is disabled for a search path), the modified file structure is sent by SchemaAgent Server to all connected clients.


If a folder that is in a search path has its structure modified outside SchemaAgent Server (for example, if a subfolder is deleted from the repository), then this information is not updated in SchemaAgent Server until search paths are reloaded.


The Failed to read <file type> file message appears when a file includes or imports other files which cannot be found at the location specified.

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