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Searching the DB

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The Search functionality (shown in a simulator below) has been set up as described below.

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When the Search check box is selected, the options for using the Search functionality are made visible.

As the user enters the search term, the text is entered character-by-character in the $PERSISTENT/Root/@search-text node (see screenshot above). This value is used as the basis for two types of search: Quick, which searches the $BOOKS page source tree that has been loaded, and DB, which searches the DB.

The $BOOKS page source tree is filtered to show only those records that have at least one field value that matches the search term.



The action of the Add Record button takes you to the Edit Book sub page (screenshot below), where the details of a new book record can be added and an image selected for storage in the DB.


Note the following points:


The page source of the Edit Book sub page is $EDIT-BOOK, which filters the records of the DB to show only the selected book.

The page source contains an OriginalRowSet node because the node has been defined for the page source, but the node is empty. This node is used when an existing record is being edited.

If the Save button is clicked, the data from RowSet is saved to the DB. See the actions of the Save button.

If the Discard button is clicked, the data from RowSet is discarded. See the actions of the Discard button.

How images are handled is described in the section Images in the DB.


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