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Altova DiffDog 2020 Enterprise Edition

In the Select Database Objects for Comparison dialog box, you can filter the following database objects by name or part of a name:





Objects are filtered as you type in the name.


Note:The filter function is not supported if you are using No Folders layout.

To filter objects in the selection dialog box:

1.If you haven't done that already, select a layout other than the "No Folders" layout. For example, click ic_layout_select to select the "Folders" layout.

2.Click the Filter Folder contents ic_filter icon in the toolbar or select a database object and press Ctrl+Alt+F to activate filtering. Filter icons appear next to all folders.


3.Click the filter icon that is next to the folder you want to filter. Select the desired filtering option from the context menu that appears.


4.Next to the folder, the icon for the chosen filter type appears with an empty field next to it.


5.Expand the folder you are filtering to display the objects it contains.

6.In the field, enter the string you want to search for. The results are adjusted as you type.


7.If required, repeat the procedure for the second database.

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