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Altova DatabaseSpy 2020 Professional Edition

You can view the structure of any existing table in your database by dragging it from the Online Browser into the Design Editor window or by using the corresponding context menu option. The most important table and column details are immediately displayed in the Design Editor’s graphical view. Additional sections for indexes, keys, and check constraints can be expanded for the relevant details.

To show an existing table in the Design Editor:

Do one of the following:


Right-click the table you want to examine in the Online Browser and select Design Editor | Show in new Design Editor from the context menu.

If a Design Editor window is already open, you can also right-click the table and drag it into the Design Editor window or use the context menu command Design Editor | Add to Design Editor to add the table to the design.

Select multiple tables in the Online Browser and drag them into Design Editor.

Select an immediate parent folder containing database tables from the Online Browser and drag into Design Editor.

To auto-size a table (after a table has been resized):

In a Design Editor window, click the Autosize ic_autosize-table icon at the bottom of the table.

To remove a table from a Design Editor window:

Do one of the following:


Right-click the table and select Remove Table from Design from the context menu.

Select a table and press Ctrl+Del.

Select a table and choose the menu option Design Editor | Remove from Design.


Note:Removing a table from a design does not delete it from the connected database.


Table layout

You can define the default table layout in the Design Editor options, however you can also change the layout in the Design Editor itself. Apart from the optimized view which shows the fields Column Name, Type, and Nullable for each column, you can choose two more options for displaying tables in the Design Editor.


The compact view shows only the column, index, and constraint names as well as the icons that indicate the constraints that have been defined for a column or the index or constraint type, respectively.


Compact view

The collapsed view shows only the table header.


Collapsed view

This view is particularly useful if you want to view all the tables and relations of the entire database and do not need detailed information about the individual tables.

To view a table in the compact view:

Right-click the table in a Design Editor window and activate Compact View in the context menu.

To switch off compact view for a table:

Right-click the table and deactivate Compact View in the context menu.

To collapse or expand a table, do one of the following:

Click the arrow in the upper right corner of a table to toggle between collapsed and expanded view.

If you want to expand or collapse several tables at a time, select the tables using Ctrl+Click and click Expand selected Tables ic_expand-tables or Collapse selected Tables ic_collapse-tables, respectively, in the Design Editor toolbar.

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