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Altova DatabaseSpy 2020 Professional Edition

DatabaseSpy's Design Editor provides various options to create or change the design of a table.


Drag and Drop

Select a table, column, or primary key in the Online Browser or in a table design and drop it onto a table design of another table.

Select a column in a table design and drop it onto the keys or index section of the same table


Context menu options

To display a context menu with various commands that let you modify the database structure, right-click any of the following parts of Design Editor:


The table header, or any of the Keys, Indexes, or Constraints sections

Any column


"Create New Object" button

Each section in a table design provides a Create New Object ic_add-column button for adding new database objects to a table. Clicking this button will immediately add a new column or check constraint, or pop up a menu where you can choose the type of key or index you want to define.


Menu commands

The command for adding new columns is also available in the Design Editor menu. Select the menu option Design Editor | Create New Column to add a new column to the active table design in the Design Editor.


Keyboard shortcuts

DatabaseSpy provides also the keyboard shortcut Alt+C for adding new columns in the Design Editor.


In addition to using Design Editor, you can always write and execute SQL statements in SQL Editor to achieve the same goal.

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