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Altova DatabaseSpy 2020 Enterprise Edition

When a column is selected either in the Online Browser or in a Design Editor window, its properties are displayed in DatabaseSpy's Properties window. In addition, you can show some of the properties (data type, nullability, default value, description, identity, increment, and seed) directly in the Design Editor.


Data type

When you need to change the data type of a column, you can edit the Type field directly in the table design. DatabaseSpy assists you by displaying incomplete data type entries in gray and changing the color to black as soon as you have typed in a valid keyword. While you are typing, a drop-down list containing the available data types is displayed. Incorrect syntax is marked in red. For data types requiring a length, you can also type in "max" and thus set the length to the maximum allowed value.



The Nullable check box can also be changed directly in the table design. Please note that NULL values are not permitted if a primary key is defined on that particular column and that you cannot deactivate the Nullable check box if NULL values are already present in the column.


Data length

Every data type has a default length defined that is automatically used when you select that particular data type. For some data types, you can increase or decrease this default length in the Properties window. Please consider that existing values may be truncated if you decrease the data length in an existing table.



In numeric columns, you can define the maximum number of digits to be used by a data type.



The Scale property defines the maximum number of digits to the right of the decimal point in numeric and decimal columns.



You can add an individual description for each of the columns.

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