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Creating Indexes Based on an Existing Index Definition

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If indexes already exist in a table, you can add new indexes to the table also by right-clicking an existing index and generating a statement that uses the properties of the existing item as default. After editing the properties as required and executing the SQL, a new index is added to the database.

To add an index to a table using SQL:

1.Connect to the database and show the respective data source in the Online Browser.

2.Expand the table to which you want to add an index.

3.Right-click an existing index in the Index folder, and select Show in new SQL Editor | Create from the context menu. Alternatively, holding down the right mouse button, drag the index into an open SQL Editor window and choose Create from the context menu. An SQL statement is generated in the SQL Editor window.

4.Edit the statement as required.

5.Click the Execute ic_execute-sql button to execute the statement and to add the new index to the database.

6.In the Online Browser, right-click the database and choose Refresh from the context menu.

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