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AuthenticEvent.dataTransfer (obsolete)

Superseded by parameters to

AuthenticView.OnBeforeDrop (On_AuthenticView_BeforeDrop)

AuthenticView.OnDragOver (On_AuthenticView_DragOver)


The event object that holds the information of the last event is now replaced by parameters to the different event handler functions to simplify data access. The event object will be supported for a not yet defined period of time for compatibility reasons. No improvements are planned. It is highly recommended to migrate to the new event handler functions.


// ----- XMLSpy scripting environment - javascript sample -----

// instead of:

// function On_DocEditDrop ()

// {

//     if (Application.ActiveDocument.DocEditView.event.dataTransfer != null)

//         if (! Application.ActiveDocument.DocEditView.event.dataTransfer.ownDrag)

//         {

//            // cancel key processing, don't drop foreign objects :-)

//            Application.ActiveDocument.DocEditView.event.cancelBubble = true;

//         }

// }

// use now:

function On_AuthenticView_BeforeDrop (long i_nXPos, long i_nYPos,

                                 IAuthenticRange *i_ipRange,

                                 IAuthenticDataTransfer *i_ipData)


  if (i_ipRange != null)

      if (! i_ipRange.ownDrag)

          return true; // cancel key processing, don't drop foreign objects :-)


  return false;



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