OldAuthenticView.SelectionSet (obsolete)

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OldAuthenticView.SelectionSet (obsolete)

Superseded by AuthenticRange.FirstXMLData and related properties


AuthenticRange supports navigation via XMLData elements as well as navigation by document elements (e.g. characters, words, tags) or text cursor positions.


// ----- javascript sample -----

// instead of:

// if (! Application.ActiveDocument.DocEditView.SelectionSet(varXMLData1, 0, varXMLData2, -1))

//    MsgBox ("Error: invalid data position");

// use now:



   var objSelection = Application.ActiveDocument.AuthenticView.Selection;

   objSelection.FirstXMLData = varXMLData1;

   objSelection.FirstXMLdataOffset = 0;

   objSelection.LastXMLData = varXMLData2;

   objSelection.LastXMLDataOffset = -1;



catch (err)

   { MsgBox ("Error: invalid data position"); }

// to select all text between varXMLData1 and varXMLdata2, inclusive


See also


Declaration: SelectionSet (pStartElement as XMLData, nStartPos as long, pEndElement as XMLData, nEndPos as long) as Boolean



Use SelectionSet() to set a new selection in the vista Authentic. Its possible to set pEndElement to null (nothing) if the selection should be just over one (pStartElement) XML element.




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