OldAuthenticView.GetPreviousVisible (obsolete)

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OldAuthenticView.GetPreviousVisible (obsolete)

Superseded by AuthenticRange.SelectPrevious


AuthenticRange now supports a wide range of element navigation methods based on document elements like characters, words, tags and many more. Selecting the text passage that represents the content of the previous XML element is just one of them.


// ----- javascript sample -----

// instead of:

// var objCurrXMLData = ...

// var objXMLData = Application.ActiveDocument.DocEditView.GetPreviousVisible(objCurrXMLData);

// Application.ActiveDocument.DocEditView.SelectionSet (objXMLData, 0, objXMLData, -1);

// use now:

var objRange = ...


   { objRange.SelectPrevious (spyAuthenticTag).Select(); }

catch (err)


  if ((err.number & 0xffff) == 2004)

       MsgBox ("begin of document reached");


      throw (err);



See also


Declaration: GetPreviousVisible (pElement as XMLData) as XMLData



The method gets the previous visible XML element in the document.




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