OldAuthenticView.LoadXML (obsolete)

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OldAuthenticView.LoadXML (obsolete)

Superseded by AuthenticView.AsXMLString


AuthenticView now supports the property AsXMLString that can be used to directly access and replace the document content as an XMLString.


// ----- javascript sample -----

// instead of:

// Application.ActiveDocument.DocEditView.LoadXML (strDocAsXMLString);

// use now:


   { Application.ActiveDocument.AuthenticView.AsXMLString = strDocAsXMLString; }

catch (err)

   { MsgBox ("Error: invalid XML string"); }


See also


Declaration: LoadXML (xmlString as String)



Loads the current XML document with the XML string applied. The new content is displayed immediately.

The xmlString parameter must begin with the XML declaration, e.g.,

objPlugIn.LoadXML("<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><root></root>");




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