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Event: OnMouseEvent (nXPos as Long, nYPos as Long, eMouseEvent as SPYMouseEvent, objRange as AuthenticRange) as Boolean


Scripting environment - VBScript:

Function On_AuthenticMouseEvent(nXPos, nYPos, eMouseEvent, objRange)

 ' On_AuthenticMouseEvent = True  ' to cancel bubbling of event

End Function


Scripting environment - JScript:

function On_AuthenticMouseEvent(nXPos, nYPos, eMouseEvent, objRange)


 // return true;  /* to cancel bubbling of event */




This event gets triggered for every mouse movement and mouse button Windows message.


The actual message type and the mouse buttons status, is available in the eMouseEvent parameter. Use the bit-masks defined in the enumeration datatype SPYMouseEvent to test for the different messages, button status, and their combinations.


The parameter objRange identifies the part of the document found at the current mouse cursor position. The range objects always selects a complete tag of the document. (This might change in future versions, when a more precise positioning mechanism becomes available). If no selectable part of the document is found at the current position, the range object is null.

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