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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Professional Edition

Version 2017 Release 3

Features that are new in XMLSpy Version 2017r3 are listed below.


JSON5 support has been added. The functionality includes auto-completion, validation against JSON schema, and conversion to/from XML.

Support for JSON schema definitions has been extended to allow the inclusion of definitions from a container named resourceDefinitions, which is in addition to the standard JSON container named definitions.

Text View: The validation errors of different document types (XML, JSON, etc) are indicated in the line-numbering margin and scroll bars; quick fixes for these errors, when available, are shown in the document itself.

Text View: The navigation and Find and Replace functions have been enhanced.


Version 2017

Features that are new in XMLSpy Version 2017 are listed below.


Text View: Text highlighting shows all matches of the currently selected text, together with meta information about the matches.

Text View: The scroll bar contains information about the document size, current position, size of a text selection relative to document size.

Text View: Easier usage of, and additional functionality in, the Find and Replace functions.


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