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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Professional Edition

Version 2016 Release 2

Features that are new in XMLSpy Version 2016r2 are listed below.


XPath/XQuery debugging functionality has been added to the XPath/XQuery Window.

JSON schema documentation can be generated automatically in HTML, RTF, and MS Word formats.

JSON instance files containing JSON data that is structured on a JSON schema can be generated from that JSON schema.

Conversion of XML instances to/from JSON instances has been enhanced so that users can select conversion options.

Conversion of XML schemas to/from JSON schemas has been added. Users can select conversion options.

When a JSON instance is active you can go to the JSON schema and JSON definition by clicking the respective commands in the DTD/Schema menu.

When editing the names of elements in XML documents in Text View, the names are highlighted in different colors according to whether the names in the start and end tags match or not. This serves as a visual editing aid.

Source folding in XML, XQuery, JSON, and CSS documents in Text View, as well as of nodes in the XPath/XQuery Window, has been enhanced to display ellipses for collapsed nodes. Placing the mouse cursor over an ellipsis displays the content of the collapsed node in a popup.

Eclipse support has been extended to Eclipse 4.5.


Version 2016

Features that are new in XMLSpy Version 2016 are listed below.


The new JSON Schema View is introduced. This enables the creation and editing of JSON schemas graphically.

Generation of JSON schemas from JSON instances.

JSON document validation: Provides validation of JSON instances and JSON schemas.

Editing of JSON documents in Text View and Grid View has been enhanced. A new auto-completion feature (based on information obtained from the associated JSON schema) enables the quick and accurate creation of instance and schema documents.

XSLT transformation using Altova's RaptorXML Server from within XMLSpy. This enables you to customize XSLT high-speed transformations with the help of Raptor's wide range of options.

XQuery execution and updates using Altova's RaptorXML Server from within XMLSpy. This enables you to customize XQuery executions with Raptor's many options.


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