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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Professional Edition

ic_disp_as_tbl        Display as Table (F12) menu command and toolbar icon


The XML | Table | Display as Table command allows you to switch between the standard Grid View and Database/Table View (or Table View) of a document element. The Table View enables you to view repeated elements as a table in which the rows represent the occurrences while the columns represent child nodes (including comments, CDATA sections, and processing instructions).


To switch to Table View:


1.Select any one occurrence of the repeating element you wish to view as a table.  


2.Click XML | Table | Display as Table or F12 or the ic_disp_as_tbl toolbar icon.  


The element is displayed as a table and the Display as Table toolbar icon is toggled on.


To switch from the Table View of a document element to the normal Grid View of that element, select the table or any of its rows or columns, and click the Display as Table toolbar icon. That table element switches to Grid View, and the icon is toggled off.


Note:        Table View colors can be set in the Colors section of the Options dialog (Tools | Options | Fonts and Colors)


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