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The Replace command enables you to find and replace one text string with another. It features the same options as the Find command. Depending on the view you are using, the Replace dialog displays different find options. You can replace each item individually, or you can use the Replace All button to perform a global find-and-replace operation.



Grid View

In Grid View, selecting the Replace command opens the Replace dialog (screenshot below). The screenshot shows the various Find options, which are described in the description of the Find command.


Text View

For a description of the Replace function of editable Text Views, see the section Text View. The Replace function of non-editable Text Views (such as in the XPath/XQuery window) is  described below. In Text View, selecting the Replace command opens the Find & Replace dialog (screenshot below). The Find options are the same as for the Find command. The Replace in selection only option carries out the find-and-replace operation only within the text selection.

Note:When using the Replace All command, each replacement is recorded as a single operation, so Replace All can be undone step-by-step.


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