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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Enterprise Edition

Version 2017 Release 3

Features that are new in XMLSpy Version 2017r3 are listed below.


Back-mapping: With this feature enabled, XSLT transformations and XQuery executions will be carried out so that the result document can be mapped back on to the originating XSLT+XML or XQuery+XML documents. This means that if you click on a node in the result document, then the XSLT instruction and the XML source data that generated that particular result node will be highlighted.

JSON5 support has been added. The functionality includes auto-completion, validation against JSON schema, and conversion to/from XML.

Support for JSON schema definitions has been extended to allow the inclusion of definitions from a container named resourceDefinitions, which is in addition to the standard JSON container named definitions.

Text View: The validation errors of different document types (XML, JSON, etc) are indicated in the line-numbering margin and scroll bars; quick fixes for these errors, when available, are shown in the document itself.

Text View: The navigation and Find and Replace functions have been enhanced.


Version 2017

Features that are new in XMLSpy Version 2017 are listed below.


Text View: Text highlighting shows all matches of the currently selected text, together with meta information about the matches.

Text View: The scroll bar contains information about the document size, current position, size of a text selection relative to document size.

Text View: Easier usage of, and additional functionality in, the Find and Replace functions.

Avro data serialization: Intelligent editing support for Avro data structures and Avro schemas; validation of Avro data structures in JSON and of Avro schemas.

Avro View: a dedicated grid view for Avro binaries; it displays the data blocks of Avro binaries in a searchable grid format.

Inline XBRL documents can be transformed into XBRL instance documents.

XBRL Taxonomy Packages that you can download can be registered with XMLSpy so that XMLSpy can locate and use the package's offline resources.

Additional functionality in RaptorXML Server.


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