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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Enterprise Edition

Version 2015 Release 4

Features that are new in XMLSpy Version 2015r4 are listed below.


Validation of XML and XBRL documents using Altova's RaptorXML Server from within XMLSpy. This enables you to customize validations with the help of Raptor's validation options.


Version 2015 Release 3

Features that are new in XMLSpy Version 2015r3 are listed below.


Support for XPath and XQuery Functions and Operators 3.1 Candidate Recommendation of 18 December 2014 in the XSLT and XQuery engines of XMLSpy, and in the XPath/XQuery Builder and Evaluator.

Enhancements to the XPath/XQuery Builder and Evaluator include improved window layout, and interactive functions-and-operators information in popups.

New Altova XPath/XQuery extension functions for geolocation information.

For SOAP communication, security settings are now supported on the web service layer in addition to security on the HTTP layer. Support on the HTTP layer now also includes preemptive authentication. The SOAP Debugger's connection settings also supports this enhanced HTTPS security.

For concepts of type enum:enumerationItemType, extensible enumerations with multi-language labels, as defined in the Extensible Enumerations Recommendation of 29 October 2014 are supported.


Version 2015

Features that are new in XMLSpy Version 2015 are listed below.


Support for XQuery Update Facility: XMLSpy recognizes the XQuery Update document type, and processes such documents so that target XML documents are updated by expressions in the XQuery Update document. This enables only specific parts of documents to be updated, obviating the need to regenerate entire target documents.

XQuery Update preview: XQuery Update expressions can be entered in the XPath/XQuery output window, and updates can be previewed. These "pending updates" can then be applied or rejected.

An XBRL Table Layout Preview displays a preview of the table selected in the Table Definitions Editor (in XBRL View). The table layout is defined in the table structure.

Support for XBRL table parameters and XBRL table sets (defined by table parameters).

Building of XBRL formulas from within XBRL Table Layout Preview.


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