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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Enterprise Edition

The XBRL Processing Options command displays the XBRL Processing Options dialog (screenshot below). Here you can specify:


that duplicate facts are ignored for: (i) XBRL formula execution, (ii) XBRL table generation, (iii) Inline XBRL transformations

label settings for XBRL table generation

that empty rows and columns are eliminated during XBRL table generation


Note:The XBRL Processing Options dialog can also be accessed from the XBRL Formula Execution dialog and XBRL Table Generation dialog.


Note about de-duplication

Only the following types of duplicate fact are ignored: (i) complete duplicates, and (ii) consistent duplicates. The fact (among the duplicates) that is selected (not ignored) is the most precise one. For example, among consistent duplicates of a numeric fact, the fact with the highest numeric precision is selected.


For more information about duplicates, see the Handling Duplicate Facts in XBRL and Inline XBRL 1.0 specification.


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