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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Enterprise Edition

The JSON: Grid View section (screenshot below) enables you to define options for the Grid View of JSON documents (JSON Grid View).


The following options are available:


Change type of all selected cells simultaneously: If multiple cells are selected and the type of one is changed, you can specify what XMLSpy should do: (i) Ask (whether the change should be applied to all the cells or to only the cell in focus); (ii) Always (apply the change to all selected cells); (iii) Never (apply to all cells; instead apply only to the cell in focus).

Keep simple value when changing type to object or array: If a type is changed from an atomic type to an object or array, you can specify what XMLSpy should do: (i) Ask (whether the value of the atomic type should be retained as the value of an unnamed child key:value pair, or discarded; (ii) Always retain the value (in an unnamed child key:value pair); (iii) Never retain the value, that is, the value should be discarded.

Store formulas in document (JSON5/JSONC): If selected, the option to store formulas as part of the content of JSON5 and JSONC documents (the disk icon) is unavailable, and formulas will not be stored.

Minimum amount of filled table cells for table auto-detection: Specifies the amount as a percentage of the number of child cells that must be filled in order for a node to be detected as a table.


Save and exit

After making the settings, click OK to finish.


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