XBRL Taxonomy View

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XBRL Taxonomy View

The XBRL Taxonomy View section provides customization options for the appearance of text items in XBRL View (see screenshot below).

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You can set the following properties for the selected text item type:


Font face and size: The selected font will also be used in printouts of XBRL Taxonomy View. If you want to use the same font face or size for all text item types, check the respective Use the same for all check box.
Text style, text color, text background: Sets the style, color, and background of individual text item types. The current settings are immediately reflected in the list in the left-hand pane, so you can preview how the text item will look.


Set Defaults

The Set Defaults button resets fonts to the original installation settings.


Save and exit

After making the settings, click OK to finish.


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