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Altova XMLSpy 2021 Enterprise Edition

The commands in the sub-menu of the Copy command can be used to copy the current selection.




Copy as JSON Text

Current selection is serialized as JSON or JSON lines text

Copy as Structured Text

Current selection is serialized as TSV (Tab-Separated Values)

Copy as Image

Current image cell is copied as image

Copy XPath

XPath 3.1 syntax. For example: ?Artists?1?Albums?1?Tracks

Copy JSON Pointer

JSON Pointer syntax. For example: /Artists/1/Albums/1/Tracks


Note the following points:


Copy as Image exports a Base64-encoded string to an image file. You must ensure that the image file name you give has a file extension to match the image type specified in the Base64 encoding. If the string being exported is not Base64-encoded, then a file with the file name you specify will be created but will not have any content.

To insert text in a cell, copy the text and paste it in the cell.

To import from file, for example an image, use the command Edit | Insert | Encoded External File. This inserts an image as Base64-encoded string, and displays this string as an image in JSON Grid View. Image file formats that are supported for import are: PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF.


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