Output Window: HTTP

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Output Window: HTTP

in the HTTP output window (screenshot below), you can test HTTP commands: you can create and send an HTTP request to a web server, and receive and check the response.


The HTTP output window has nine tabs (see screenshot below). You can store a separate request in each tab, and switch between tabs. After creating a request in the window, you can send the request by clicking the Send button. The response is displayed directly in the window.


The window consists of the following parts:

At the top: (i) a combo box in which to select the HTTP method you want to use; (ii) an entry field for the URL of the web server; (iii) buttons related to the execution of HTTP requests (Send, Import, and Reset).
A left-hand pane for creating the request.
A right-hand pane for displaying the response.


For details about how to use the HTTP output window, see the section HTTP.


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