Altova Work in Process XBRL Add-in for Excel, Version 2023r2

Importing Data From Existing XBRL WIP Reports

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You can import data from existing instances of XBRL WIP reports into Excel (typically, files with an .xbrl or .xml extension). For the import to be successful, the imported instances must be valid XBRL WIP reports. They may be either reports you have previously generated using the WIP Add-in or reports that you received from other parties.


When you import data from an XBRL instance file, the Excel sum formulas are overridden by the imported values. After the import, you will need to restore the Excel formulas to the default state. To do this, click Reset WIP Report Data > Restore only formulas in the Excel ribbon (see Resetting Data and Restoring Formulas).

To import an XBRL US WIP report instance file into Excel:

1.In the Excel ribbon, click the WIP tab.

2.Click Insert.

3.Select a report template and click OK.

4.Click Import XBRL and browse for the XBRL instance file.


Before the report data is loaded into Excel, it is automatically validated. The Validation Report window notifies you about potential warnings, inconsistencies, or errors (see also Validating Data).

Note:During the import, the add-in validates XBRL formula assertions. The report will be imported even if it contains unsatisfied assertions.


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