Altova Work in Process XBRL Add-in for Excel, Version 2023r2

Import Data

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Besides entering data manually into the WIP In Process or WIP Completed sheets, you can also import your data from custom Excel sheets or workbooks, including NASBP (National Association of Surety Bond Producers) Excel sheets. You can also import data from existing XBRL WIP reports saved with the WIP Add-in. See the list of available import options below.


Import Data Using Data Mappings

Use this option to import data from custom Excel workbooks. This option requires that a data mapping be created first. A data mapping means that specific fields in the WIP report will map to specific cell ranges in your custom sheet. The source data can be either in a different sheet in the same workbook or in an external workbook.


Once the data mapping is ready, you can automatically fill in the WIP data sheets from your custom sheet. In order to do this, click the Copy Values or Reference Values button. Data mappings are saved together with the WIP workbook. This makes them suitable for on demand or recurring imports into the same workbook. To become reusable across multiple workbooks, data mappings must be saved as templates (see the next option).


Import Data Using Templates

Use this option to import data from custom Excel workbooks for which you already have prepared a template. A template is a permanently saved data mapping between specific fields in the WIP report and specific cell ranges in any custom sheet.


This requires that all your source workbooks have the same layout that is recognized by the template. Unlike data mappings, templates are saved to a special template folder that you designate. Thus, they are reusable across multiple workbooks. You can define as many templates as required, one for each custom Excel sheet from where you need to import data.


Import Data From NASBP Excel Sheets

Use this option to import data from sheets produced by the NASBP (National Association of Surety Bond Producers). As long as the source sheet is a valid NASBP sheet, the add-in will automatically import data from it; no other setup is required.


Import Data From Existing XBRL WIP Reports

Use this option to import the existing WIP Report data that was saved in XBRL format with the WIP Add-in.


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