Altova Work in Process XBRL Add-in for Excel, Version 2023r2

Command Reference

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The add-in commands available in the WIP tab of the Excel ribbon are listed below.



Creates a new WIP report. This command is disabled if the WIP report sheet has already been inserted into the workbook.

Reset WIP Report Data

This is a split button which contains the following commands:


Reset WIP Report Data


Discards (deletes) any data entered in the "WIP In Process" or "WIP Completed" sheets and returns the Excel formulas to their default state. A confirmation dialog box prompts you for confirmation before data is actually discarded.


Restore only formulas


Restores the Excel formulas to their default state, without deleting any data.


See also Resetting Data and Restoring Formulas.

Report Completed Contracts

When selected, this option adds the "WIP Completed" sheet to the current workbook. This may be necessary if you want to report the completed WIP in addition to the "WIP In Progress" data.


Performs a validation of the WIP data against the underlying XBRL US WIP taxonomy and displays the validation results in a dialog box (see Validating Data).

Import XBRL

Imports an XBRL WIP instance file to the current Excel spreadsheet (see Importing WIP Data from XBRL).

Import Template

Imports data from custom WIP workbooks by means of predefined templates (see Importing Data Using Templates).

Export XBRL

Exports the WIP data from the "WIP In Process" sheet and, if applicable, from the "WIP Complete" sheet to an XBRL instance file (see Exporting WIP Data to XBRL).

Toggle Actions Pane

Shows or hides the "WIP Report" pane. By default, the "WIP Report" pane is visible.

Toggle Validation Report

Shows or hides the "Validation Report" window. See Validating Data.


Opens this help file in CHM (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help) format.

Add-In Activation

Displays the activation status of the add-in or provides options to enter or purchase a license key code.


Displays version information about the add-in.

Altova on the Web

Provides links to the Altova website (including Online Support Center, components download page, training and tutorials).


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