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Teamwork support for UModel projects

UModel projects can be split up into multiple subprojects allowing several developers to simultaneously edit different parts of a single project. Each individual subproject can be added to a source control system.


The top-level project i.e. the project from which the subprojects can be included, is called the main project. Subprojects are created on the package level as individual UModel project files and have a *.ump extension.


Subprojects can be created/included in two different ways:


As editable from within the main project, and at the subproject level
As read-only from within the main project, i.e. only editable at the subproject level.


Subprojects can be structured in any way that you wish, in a flat or hierarchical structure, or a combination of both. This makes it theoretically possible to split off every package of a main project, into read-only/editable subproject files.


During the code-engineering process all subordinate components of a subproject are considered, there is no difference between a single project file or one that consists of multiple editable subprojects.


This also applies to UML diagrams, they can also be edited at the main, or subproject, level.

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