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Altova UModel 2021 Professional Edition

For each release of the UModel API, important changes since the previous release are listed below. A change in the major version of the type library (for example, from 4.0 to 5.0) means that non-scripting clients (such as UModel IDE plug-ins written in C#, VB.NET, C++, and so on) should be recompiled.


Automation Interface for UModel 2021 - type library version 5.8

UModel API

The ENUMCodeLangVersion enumeration has new members for Java 14.0 language version and for MariaDB database kind.

The ENUMUMLPredefinedElement enumeration has multiple new members, including members required to support newer SysML versions.


Automation Interface for UModel 2020r2 - type library version 5.7

UModel API

The ENUMCodeLangVersion enumeration has a new member corresponding to Java 13.0 language version.

The ENUMExportXMIType enumeration has new members: eXMI24ForUML25 and eXMI251ForUML251. These support XMI export to the corresponding XMI versions, see also XMI (XML Metadata Interchange).

The IApplication interface has new operations: LogMessage, LogMessageWithUMLDataLink. A new enumeration ENUMMessageLogType is also available. This makes it possible to output error messages (originating, for example, from a UModel IDE plug-in) to the UModel Messages window.

UModel API - UMLData

A new IUMLReception interface is available, as well as various new properties and methods that support UML Receptions. The ENUMUMLGuiStyleKind enumeration has a new member eUMLGuiStyle_ShowReceptions

You can now add ValuePin to CallBehaviorAction using the new operation InsertArgumentOfKindAt.


Automation Interface for UModel 2020 - type library version 5.6

UModel API

The ENUMCodeLangVersion enumeration has new members corresponding to C# 8.0 and C++17 language versions.


Automation Interface for UModel 2019r3 - type library version 5.5

UModel API

The property ImageFormat has been removed from the ISaveAllDiagramsAsImagesDlg interface.

The ENUMCodeLangVersion enumeration has a new member corresponding to "Java 12" as language version.


Automation Interface for UModel 2018r2 - type library version 5.4

UModel API

The IBinaryTypeEntry interface has a new property: TypesToImport. Use this property to specify a list of binary types to import (the binary types can be separated by a comma, semi-colon, or space).

The IProjectSettingsDlg interface has multiple new properties applicable for C++ code engineering.

The ENUMCodeLang enumeration has a new member eCodeLang_Cpp which specifies the C++ language for code engineering.

The ENUMCodeLangVersion enumeration has new members which specify C++ language versions.

The ENUMUMLPredefinedElement enumeration has new members applicable for C++ code engineering.


Note: C++ code engineering requires UModel Enterprise edition.


Automation Interface for UModel 2017 - type library version 5.3

UModel API - UMLData

The following properties have been added:





Automation Interface for UModel 2016 - type library version 5.2

UModel API - UMLData

The following methods have been added:







Automation Interface for UModel 2015r4 - type library version 5.1

UModel API - UMLData

The following methods have been added:





Automation Interface for UModel 2013 - type library version 5.0

UModel API

IDocument has a new method GenerateSequenceDiagramsForAllOperations

UModel API - UMLData

ENUMExportXMIType has a new entry for UML 2.4 (eXMI24ForUML24).

ENUMUMLGuiTextLabelKind has a new literal eTextLabel_DotNetPropertyName

ENUMUMLPredefinedElement has new literals for SysML 1.2.

IUMLGuiSequenceDiagram has new properties UseForForwardEngineering and CodeOperation regarding code generation.

IUMLExecutionEvent, IUMLCreationEvent, IUMLDestructionEvent, IUMLSendOperationEvent, IUMLSendSignalEvent, IUMLReceiveOperationEvent and IUMLReceiveSignalEvent have been removed since the corresponding classes are not part of UML 2.4 anymore.


Automation Interface for UModel 2012 - type library version 4.1

UModel API

For model transformations, IModelTransformationDlg, IModelTransformationTypeMappings and IModelTransformationTypeMapping have been introduced.

IDocument has a new method ModelTransformation.

ILocalOptionsView has a new property EnableSnapLines.

UModel API - UMLData

ENUMCodeLang has a new literal eCodeLang_UML.

ENUMUMLPredefinedElement has several new literals for model transformations.


Automation Interface for UModel 2011r3 - type library version 4.0

UModel API

ILocalOptionsDiagramEditing has new properties UseDotNetPropertyCompartment and ShowDotNetPropertyCompartment for handling .NET properties.

IDialog has new properties Application and Parent

IImportSourceDlg has new properties Content_UseDotNetPropertyCompartment and Content_ShowDotNetPropertyCompartment for handling .NET properties.

UModel API - UMLData

Property BehaviorSpecification can be set for IUMLBehavior

ENUMUMLGuiStyleKind has a new literal eUMLGuiStyle_ShowDotNetPropertyCompartment for handling .NET properties.


Automation Interface for UModel 2011r2 - type library version 3.2

UModel API

For state machine code generation, IGenerateStateMachineCodeDlg has been introduced and IDocument has got method GenerateStateMachineCode.

IGenerateDocumentationDlg has new properties UseFixedDesign and SPSFile for SPS documentation generation; a new property Include_IncludedPredefinedSubprojects and a new method Fonts_SetDefaults.

ENUMDocumentationOutputFormat has got a new literal for documentation generation in PDF format

ENUMUMLPredefinedElement has several new literals for BPMN2 support

UModel API - UMLData

IUMLGuiBPMN2Diagram, IUMLGuiBPMN2ChoreographyDiagram and IUMLGuiBPMN2CollaborationDiagram haven been introduced for BPMN2


Automation Interface for UModel 2011 - type library version 3.1

UModel API

IImportDatabaseDlg has been introduced for importing databases.

IDocument has new methods: ImportDatabase for importing databases and MergeProject3Way for 3-way project merges

UModel API - UMLData

ENUMCodeLangVersion and ENUMUMLPredefinedElement have new literals for database support

ENUMUMLDBDataSourceMethod has been introduced for database support


Automation Interface for UModel 2010r3 - type library version 3.0

UModel API

IGenerateSequenceDiagramDlg has property OperationIgnoreList to ignore distinct operations when generating a sequence diagram from source code.

The IGenerateDocumentationDlg interface has the new property Details_Constraints.

ENUMDiagramLayoutKind has a new entry for layout kind “Block”

ENUMCodeLangVersion has a new entry for C# 4.0

UModel API - UMLData

IUMLElement has method GetOwnedElementsOfKind to retrieve all owned elements of a specific kind.

IUMLClassIUMLEnumeration and IUMLInterface have method GetCodeFilePath to get the full code file path (also see GetCodeFileName which returns the file name only).

IUMLInterface has property Protocol and method SetNewProtocol to reference a IUMLProtocolStateMachine.

IUMLConstraint has new properties OwningTransition and OwningState.

IUMLState has property StateInvariant and method SetNewStateInvariant.

IUMLPort has a new property Protocol

IUMLStructuredClassifier has method InsertOwnedPortAt.

ENUMUMLPredefinedElement has several new literals for C# 4.0

The following new interfaces have been introduced: IUMLValueSpecificationActionIUMLProtocolStateMachineIUMLProtocolTransitionIUMLGuiProtocolStateMachineDiagram


Automation Interface for UModel 2010r2 - type library version 2.1

UModel API

IGenerateSequenceDiagramDlg has property SplitIntoSmallerDiagrams for the new sequence diagram split.

UModel API - UMLData

ENUMExportXMIType has a new entry for UML 2.3.

IUMLAction has property IsLocallyReentrant.

IUMLPort has property IsConjugated.

Property ConnectorKind of IUMLConnector is now read-only.

IUMLClassifier has property IsFinalSpecialization.

IUMLActivityGroup now derives from IUMLNamedElement.


Automation Interface for UModel 2010 - type library version 2.0

Changes since the previous release (UModel 2009 - type library version 1.0) are as follows:


UModel Plug-ins

Support for ActiveX controls. Any IDE Plug-in which is also an ActiveX control will be displayed in a Dialog Control Bar inside UModel (also see ActiveX Controls or the StatisticsActiveX sample)

UModel API

IApplication has property ServicePackVersion and method RunMacro to start a macro of an (already loaded) scripting project.

IDocument has new methods: SaveCopyAs, CanFocusUMLDataInModelTree, FocusUMLDataInModelTree, Reload.

Property FocusedUMLDataNotifier of IDocument can be used to get the new _IFocusedUMLDataEvents interface for focus change events.

Method OnModifiedFlagChanged of _IDocumentEvents has the IDocument interface as second parameter.

The IDiagramWindow interface has following methods for auto-layout: Autolayout, AutolayoutSelection.

The IProjectSettingsDlg interface has the new properties CSharp_ResolveAliases and VBasic_ResolveAliases.

The IGenerateDocumentationDlg interface has the new properties EmbedCSSinHTML and CreateFolderForDiagrams.

ILocalOptionsCodeEngineering has following new properties: CodeFromModel_Indentation_InsertTabs, CodeFromModel_Indentation_InsertNSpaces.

UModel API - UMLData

The new interface IUMLHyperlink2Model allows hyperlinks to model elements (in the Model Tree). IUMLNamedElement has got InsertOwnedHyperlink2ModelAt, IUMLGuiTextHyperlink has SetHyperlinkModelElementAddress to set links to model elements.

IUMLCommentTextHyperlink is new and enables hyperlinks for IUMLComments (also see How to Create and Use Hyperlinks). IUMLComment is extended by InsertOwnedCommentTextHyperlinkAt and OwnedHyperlinks to insert and access these hyperlinks.

In the same way, IUMLGuiDiagram has been extended by InsertOwnedGuiTextHyperlinkAt and OwnedHyperlinks.

The IUMLElement interface has the properties OwnedDocComment and OwnedDocCommentBody to directly access the body of the comment, which is shown in the documentation window when the element is focused.

IUMLGuiDiagram has a method AddUMLGuiContainmentLink to insert containment lines on diagrams.

ENUMUMLGuiTextLabelKind has the new literal eTextLabel_InformationFlow.

ENUMUMLPredefinedElement has new literals for XSD data types and the SysML profile.

The following new interfaces have been added: IUMLInformationFlow, IUMLGuiContainmentLink, IUMLGuiSysMLActivityDiagram, IUMLGuiSysMLBlockDefinitionDiagram, IUMLGuiSysMLInternalBlockDiagram, IUMLGuiSysMLPackageDiagram, IUMLGuiSysMLParametricDiagram, IUMLGuiSysMLRequirementDiagram, IUMLGuiSysMLSequenceDiagram, IUMLGuiSysMLStateMachineDiagram, IUMLGuiSysMLUseCaseDiagram

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