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The pdfdata command generates an FDF file or XML file from the PDF file that is submitted as the InputPDF argument. Use the --outfdf option to specify the location of the generated FDF file or the --outxml option to specify the location of the generated XML file. If the PDF file does not have any form data, the generated XML file will contain no form data.


For more information about designing fillable PDF forms, see the Altova StyleVision (Enterprise Edition) documentation.




stylevisionserver pdfdata [options] InputPDF


Click to expand/collapseCasing and slashes on the command line

StyleVisionServer on Windows

stylevisionserver on Unix (Linux, Mac)


* Note that lowercase (stylevisionserver) works on all platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac), while upper-lower (StyleVisionServer) works only on Windows and Mac.

* Use forward slashes on Linux and Mac, backslashes on Windows.






Path to the PDF file from which to generate the FDF or XML file





-- outfdf

The path to the generated FDF file. Form: --outfdf=FILE


The path to the generated XML file. Form: --outxml=FILE

--h, --help

Displays information about the command


Options are listed in their short forms (if available) and long forms. You can use one or two dashes for both short and long forms. An option that takes a value is written like this: --option=value.


Note:On Windows systems: Avoid using the end backslash and closing quote on the command line \", for example, as in: "C:\My directory\". These two characters are interpreted by the command line parser as a literal double-quotation mark. Use the double backslash \\ if spaces occur in the command line and you need the quotes (for example: "C:\My Directory\\"). Alternatively, try to avoid using spaces and, therefore, quotes at all.



Examples of the pdfdata command:


stylevisionserver pdfdata --outfdf=C:\test\forms\FDFData.fdf C:\test\forms\TestForm.pdf

stylevisionserver pdfdata --outxml=C:\test\forms\XMLData.xml C:\test\forms\TestForm.pdf



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