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StyleVision Server Command Line

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Default location of StyleVision Server executable
Usage and list of CLI commands


Default location of StyleVision Server executable

Given below are the default locations of the StyleVision Server executable:










Usage and list of CLI commands

General command line syntax for StyleVisionServer is:


stylevisionserver --h | --help | --version | <command> [options] [arguments]


Click to expand/collapseCasing and slashes on the command line

StyleVisionServer on Windows

stylevisionserver on Unix (Linux, Mac)


* Note that lowercase (stylevisionserver) works on all platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac), while upper-lower (StyleVisionServer) works only on Windows and Mac.

* Use forward slashes on Linux and Mac, backslashes on Windows.





--h | --help

Displays the help text.


Displays the version of StyleVision Server.



Valid CLI commands are listed below and are explained in the sub-sections of this section.



Register StyleVision Server with LicenseServer on the local network.


Upload a license to LicenseServer and assign it to StyleVision Server on this machine.


Check if the current StyleVision Server is licensed; optionally, check if a given license key is assigned.

generate | gen

Generates one or several documents.

setfopath | sfp

Selects an FO processor for subsequent PDF generation.


Generates form data from a PDF file to an FDF or XML file.


Exports all application resource strings to an XML file.

setdeflang | sdl

Sets the default language.


Displays help for a specific command.
For example: help generate

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