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Version 2015

Version 2015 Release 3

New features and updates in StyleVision Version 2015 Release 3 are listed below.


Support for XPath/XQuery Functions and Operators 3.1.
The Edit XPath Expression Dialog has improved operator/expression/function descriptions and entry mechanisms.


Version 2015

New features and updates in StyleVision Version 2015 are listed below.


Bug fixes
A footnote design component has been introduced that enables footnotes to be inserted in the design. In paged media output, footnote numbers are inserted at these locations and the corresponding footnote texts are automatically inserted at the bottom of the respective pages. Footnote numbering is automatic.
The StyleVisionBatch utility has been discontinued. It's functionality is now available in StyleVision Server.
Command line access to theStyleVision executable's XSLT-file-generation functionality.
Output of HTML <body> element descendants. HTML can be output without the containing html, head, and body elements. As a result, the output documents can be fragments of HTML code.


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