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Version 2014

Version 2014 Release 2

StyleVision Version 2014 Release 2 introduces XSLT 3.0 functionality and validation for XML Schema 1.1. A range of new Altova extension functions for XSLT and XPath/XQuery have also been added.


Version 2014

New features and updates in StyleVision Version 2014 are listed below.


Bug fixes
When defining the page formats of print output documents, it can be specified whether the Initial Document Section must be followed by a page break or not. Sometimes it is useful to start the second document section directly after the Initial Document Section (that is, without a page break in between). An example of such a situation is one in which the Initial Document Section contains templates that do some XML document processing without generating any output. A page break generated after such an Initial Document Section would produce output with its first page blank. The page layout properties of the Initial Document Section, therefore, has a property called Render a Section Break which allows you to specify whether the Initial Document Section is followed by a page break or not.
Integration in Eclipse 4.3. This extends support to the latest version of the Eclipse platform, which is in addition to support for versions 3.8 and 4.2. Support for Eclipse 3.6 and 3.7 have been discontinued.



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